facts about solar power

Did you know that solar installations have grown 20% year-over-year for the last 20 years? And, solar power is now the lowest cost option for new electricity generation in the U.S.?  As a result, state governments are starting to take notice. For example, the state of California now mandates that all homes under three stories tall must have solar panels. 

While 93% of the world’s solar panels are made in China, the U.S. is catching up. Now, more than 240,000 Americans across 10,000 companies work in the solar power industry, a figure that’s doubled since 2012. And in 2018 alone, the solar power industry generated $17 billion investment in the American economy. 

American-Made Solar Panels

7% of the world’s solar panels are made from CdTe thin film panels and are not manufactured in China. And, CdTe thin film solar panels offer many key benefits such as providing up to 10% more power output over a lifetime than Si based panels.

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